Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Smallville Horror

I'll admit that Smallville looked like it was improving for a while there, but A.) that wasn't really saying much, and B.) they quickly backslid, bringing back Lana, giving her superpowers (again) and then basically turning her into kryptonite. It looks like things might improve with Zatanna appearing in an upcoming episode, but if they're really gonna do a ninth season (GAH!), they need to straighten up and fly right. Check out my analysis of what they need to be doing over at!

Bright Tights, Big City: How to Fix Smallville


Paul said...

How is this show still on? I mean what with all the good shows that have been canceled over the years why does this one still keep going?

Zach Oat said...

I know, it's really weird. I guess the ratings justify the really cheap production values (limited sets, cheap effects), and so many of the stars were/are locked into long contracts at WB. Meanwhile, Better Off Ted will probably get canceled in a heartbeat.