Friday, September 26, 2008

Have You Gone Mental?

What do you get if you take the popular basic-cable sitcom Psych, about a fake psychic who aids the police in solving crimes, then make it twice as long and half as funny? You get The Mentalist, the new CBS show about a former fake psychic who uses his observational skills to track down criminals. If my description of it as a longer, less funny Psych seems negative, it's not meant to be. The show is actually pretty awesome, and I summarized the entire first episode for!

The Mentalist: A Full Mental Recap


Hobocamp Crafts said...

you've been tagged!

Poe Ghostal said...

My wife read your TWOP review and was quoting it when I pointed out, "Hey, Zach wrote that--cool."

Haven't tried The Mentalist yet, but I don't watch much TV these days...other than Psych. Love that show. The Teen Wolf discussion in the horse racing episode made me a fan for life.